Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's what the yarn that I made looks like all knit up on size 17 needles:

It's really scratchy. Toward the top it's more even, because that's when I started to get the hang of plying.
More elaborating per request of mom--making yarn is really easy. First you take some fluff and tie it to a thing that looks like a top. Then you spin it around, and twist up the fluff, so it's tight. Then you wrap that around the bottom of the spindle. After you fill up the spindle or get bored, you unwind it, and roll it into balls. To ply the yarn, you take 2 of these balls and put them in coffee cups and put the end through the handles. You tie the ends back on the spindle and spin it in the opposite direction and let the 2 strands wind up on each other. Yay, string!

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